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Nama Lain Al Quran: A Look at the Other Names of the Holy Book

Al Quran, as we all know, is the holy book of Muslims, a source of guidance and inspiration for millions of people around the world. But did you know that the Quran is also known by many other names? In this article, we’ll explore some of the other names of the Quran and what they mean.

Al-Kitab (The Book)

One of the most common names of the Quran is Al-Kitab, which means “The Book”. This name emphasizes the Quran’s importance as a source of guidance and knowledge, as well as its timeless nature. Muslims believe that the Quran is a book for all time, with lessons that are relevant not just to the people of the time when it was revealed, but to all humanity throughout history.

Al-Furqan (The Criterion)

Another name for the Quran is Al-Furqan, which means “The Criterion”. This name underscores the Quran’s role in distinguishing right from wrong, truth from falsehood, and good from evil. Muslims believe that the Quran is a criterion for judging all things, whether they be moral, ethical, or spiritual.

Al-Huda (The Guidance)

The Quran is also known as Al-Huda, which means “The Guidance”. This name highlights the Quran’s function as a guide for believers, providing them with guidance and direction in all aspects of their lives. Muslims believe that the Quran contains the wisdom of Allah and provides answers to all of life’s questions.

Al-Dhikr (The Reminder)

Al-Dhikr, which means “The Reminder”, is another name for the Quran. As the name suggests, the Quran serves as a reminder to Muslims of their duty to Allah and their place in the world. Muslims believe that the Quran reminds them of their obligations to uphold justice, promote peace, and strive for excellence in all aspects of their lives.

The Significance of Naming a Hotel: A Look at Some of the Names of Hotels in Malang

When it comes to naming a hotel, there are many factors to consider. The name should be memorable, easy to pronounce, and reflect the hotel’s unique identity and values. Here are some examples of hotels in Malang and the meanings behind their names.

Pelangi Hotel

“Pelangi” means “rainbow” in Malay and Indonesian. This name suggests that the hotel is lively, colorful, and welcoming, with a wide range of amenities and services to offer guests of all ages and backgrounds.

Tugu Malang Hotel

“Tugu” is the Indonesian word for “monument” or “statue”. This name reflects the hotel’s location, which is in a historic area of Malang with many monuments and statues from the Dutch colonial period.

Hotel Santika Premiere Malang

The name “Santika” means “harmony” or “balance” in Sanskrit. This name suggests that the hotel is a place of tranquility and relaxation, where guests can unwind and find peace in the midst of a busy city.

Understanding the Different Names of Angels in Islam

In Islam, angels play a crucial role in the religion, serving as messengers of Allah and helpers to humanity. There are many different names for angels in Islam, each with its own significance and meaning. Here are some of the most important names of angels in Islam.


Jibril, also known as Gabriel in Christianity, is the angel of revelation. Muslims believe that Jibril revealed the Quran to the Prophet Muhammad in a series of revelations over a period of 23 years.


Israfil is the angel of the trumpet, who will blow the trumpet on the Day of Resurrection to signal the beginning of the end of the world. Muslims believe that Israfil will summon all of humanity to judgment before Allah.


Ridwan is the name of the angel who guards the gates of Paradise. Muslims believe that whoever pleases Allah and earns His forgiveness will be welcomed into Paradise by Ridwan and will be granted eternal happiness and bliss.

Learn the Names of Different Animals That Start With the Letter P

Did you know that there are many animals whose names start with the letter P? Here are some examples of animals that start with P and some interesting facts about them.


Pelicans are large water birds that are known for their distinctive long bills and large throat pouches, which they use to catch fish and other prey. Pelicans are found on every continent except Antarctica and are admired by birdwatchers for their graceful flight and beautiful plumage.


The puma, also known as the cougar or mountain lion, is a large, solitary cat that is found throughout the Americas. Pumas are expert hunters and can catch prey much larger than themselves, such as deer and elk. They are also known for their excellent eyesight and keen senses.


The platypus is a unique, egg-laying mammal that is found only in Australia. Platypuses have a bill like a duck, webbed feet like a otter, and a flat tail like a beaver. They also have venomous spurs on their hind legs and use electroreception to locate prey in murky water.

Biography of Dian Pelangi: A Look at the Life and Career of a Rising Star in the Fashion World

Dian Pelangi is a young Indonesian fashion designer who has gained worldwide fame for her innovative designs and commitment to promoting traditional Indonesian textiles and fashion sensibilities. Here is a brief look at her life and career.

Early Life and Education

Dian Pelangi was born and raised in Indonesia, where she developed a passion for fashion at an early age. She studied fashion design at Esmod Jakarta and went on to launch her own fashion label, Dian Pelangi, in 2010.

Career Highlights

Since launching her label, Dian Pelangi has become one of the most successful and influential designers in Indonesia. She has won numerous awards and honors for her work, including the Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia list and the Indonesian Young Designer Award. Her designs have been featured in major fashion shows and publications around the world, and she has become a role model and inspiration for young designers and fashion enthusiasts around the world.


The Quran, hotels, angels, animals, and fashion designers are just a few examples of the many things in our world that have different names and meanings. Learning about these names and their significance can help us better understand and appreciate the rich diversity of our world and the many ways that different cultures and traditions contribute to it.

In this article, we’ve explored some of the different names of the Quran, hotels in Malang, angels in Islam, and animals that start with P. We’ve also looked at the life and career of Dian Pelangi, a rising star in the fashion world. Through these examples, we’ve seen how names can reflect unique identities, values, and traditions and how they can help us connect with and learn from each other.