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Sembari & Afterglo, Escape: Track Review

The Story behind Escape

Sembari & Afterglo’s ‘Escape’ is a song with a story behind it. The duo’s collaboration resulted in this upbeat track, filled with soulful and sentimental lyrics. Escape explores themes of freedom, escapism and the need for a break from routine. The track’s unique rhythm and blend of genres make it stand out from other contemporary music.

Sembari’s Career Progression

Sembari, one of the artists behind Escape, is an Indonesian singer, songwriter, and rapper. He began his music career in the underground hiphop scene, where he honed his craft and developed a unique style. In 2018, he broke into the mainstream with his debut single ‘On Me,’ which became an instant hit.

Afterglo’s Musical Inspiration

Afterglo is a Danish EDM producer, who draws inspiration from a variety of genres, including electronic, pop, and classical music. His music aims to create an immersive experience, using distinctive sounds and melodies to resonate with listeners.

Escape’s Overall Sound and Reception

Escape’s overall sound and lyricism are alluring, thanks to its unique blend of genres and sentimental lyrics. The track has received a positive response from audiences and critics alike, creating a significant buzz within the music industry.

The collaboration between Sembari and Afterglo has resulted in a sound that resonates with many, representing the need for escape and freedom in today’s fast-paced world. The song explores themes that are relatable to many in this day and age, making it an instant hit. Sembari’s journey in the music industry is proof that hard work and dedication can lead to success in the industry. Afterglo’s unique blend of genres and musical inspiration is its own encapsulation, providing a significant boost to the track. Overall, Escape is a track worth exploring, and we recommend giving it a listen.