Sinonim Pernyataan

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200 Kata Sinonim Dalam Bahasa Inggris Beserta Artinya

Sinonim adalah kata-kata yang memiliki arti yang sama atau hampir sama dengan kata-kata lain. Di dalam bahasa Inggris, terdapat banyak kata-kata sinonim yang sering digunakan dalam percakapan sehari-hari. Berikut adalah 200 kata sinonim dalam bahasa Inggris beserta artinya:

Kata-kata Sinonim A

– Ability: capability, capacity, skill, talent
– Absurd: illogical, irrational, ridiculous, unreasonable
– Abundant: plentiful, ample, bountiful, copious
– Accurate: precise, exact, correct, meticulous
– Acquire: obtain, attain, procure, secure

Kata-kata Sinonim B

– Beautiful: gorgeous, stunning, lovely, pretty
– Benefit: advantage, profit, gain, benefitting
– Big: large, huge, immense, massive
– Bold: brave, daring, fearless, courageous
– Brilliance: intelligence, smartness, cleverness, genius

Kata-kata Sinonim C

– Calm: peaceful, serene, relaxed, tranquil
– Cancel: abolish, nullify, invalidate, revoke
– Capable: competent, efficient, proficient, skilled
– Careful: cautious, diligent, meticulous, attentive
– Challenge: difficulty, problem, obstacle, hardship

Kata-kata Sinonim D

– Dangerous: hazardous, risky, perilous, unsafe
– Damage: harm, injury, impairment, destruction
– Dark: dim, dimmed, gloomy, obscure
– Defeat: conquer, overcome, vanquish, subdue
– Delay: postpone, defer, suspend, hold off

Kata-kata Sinonim E

– Earnest: sincere, serious, heartfelt, genuine
– Easy: effortless, simple, uncomplicated, facile
– Ecstatic: overjoyed, euphoric, elated, thrilled
– Educate: instruct, teach, train, tutor
– Efficient: effective, productive, competent, proficient

Kata-kata Sinonim F

– Fabulous: wonderful, amazing, fantastic, incredible
– Fair: just, impartial, unbiased, equitable
– Famous: renowned, celebrated, distinguished, eminent
– Fear: dread, terror, fright, horror
– First: initial, opening, primary, premiere

Kata-kata Sinonim G

– Generous: kind, considerate, magnanimous, unselfish
– Genuine: authentic, real, bona fide, true
– Glad: happy, pleased, delighted, joyful
– Glorious: magnificent, grand, splendid, majestic
– Good: excellent, fine, great, superb

Kata-kata Sinonim H

– Happy: content, cheerful, joyful, elated
– Hard: difficult, challenging, tough, arduous
– Harmony: accord, agreement, concord, unity
– Help: assist, support, aid, facilitate
– Honest: truthful, sincere, candid, frank

Kata-kata Sinonim I

– Important: significant, essential, crucial, paramount
– Improve: enhance, better, refine, develop
– Industry: business, commerce, trade, enterprise
– Inevitable: unavoidable, certain, inevitable, predictable
– Instructive: informative, helpful, educational, illuminating

Kata-kata Sinonim J

– Joyful: happy, delighted, overjoyed, thrilled
– Juicy: succulent, delicious, flavorful, luscious
– Just: fair, impartial, unbiased, equitable
– Juxtapose: compare, contrast, parallel, collate

Kata-kata Sinonim K

– Keep: retain, preserve, maintain, conserve
– Kind: compassionate, considerate, benevolent, merciful
– Knowledgeable: informed, intelligent, well-informed, wise
– Known: familiar, recognized, acknowledged, renowned

Kata-kata Sinonim L

– Large: big, huge, giant, massive
– Laughter: chuckling, giggling, chortling, guffawing
– Lazy: idle, inactive, sluggish, lethargic
– Learn: study, understand, comprehend, grasp
– Leave: depart, vacate, exit, go away

Kata-kata Sinonim M

– Magnificent: splendid, impressive, grand, majestic
– Memory: remembrance, recollection, retention, memoir
– Mind: intellect, brain, understanding, thoughts
– Mistaken: incorrect, misconceived, misguided, erring
– Move: travel, relocate, go, transfer

Kata-kata Sinonim N

– Narrow: limited, small, restricted, cramped
– Natural: organic, unaffected, unadorned, untouched
– Naught: nothing, zero, nil, null
– Necessary: essential, needed, required, imperative
– Need: requirement, desire, necessity, want

Kata-kata Sinonim O

– Observe: watch, perceive, witness, notice
– Obtain: acquire, gain, procure, secure
– Occur: happen, take place, arise, transpire
– Odd: strange, peculiar, bizarre, unusual
– Offend: insult, affront, provoke, irritate

Kata-kata Sinonim P

– Painful: hurtful, distressing, agonizing, tormenting
– Paramount: essential, vital, crucial, important
– Part: component, piece, segment, fraction
– Partial: incomplete, biased, prejudiced, interested
– Passion: enthusiasm, ardor, zeal, fervor

Kata-kata Sinonim Q

– Qualified: eligible, competent, capable, skilled
– Quell: suppress, quash, subdue, restrain
– Questionable: doubtful, uncertain, dubious, suspicious
– Quiescent: dormant, inactive, sleeping, stationary

Kata-kata Sinonim R

– Radiant: bright, brilliant, luminous, glowing
– Real: genuine, authentic, bona fide, true
– Recognize: acknowledge, notice, perceive, identify
– Reflect: mirror, echo, show, illustrate
– Regret: remorse, repentance, penitence, contrition

Kata-kata Sinonim S

– Safe: secure, protected, shielded, safe and sound
– Same: identical, alike, similar, same as
– Save: rescue, salvage, recover, restore
– Secret: confidential, private, classified, privileged
– Shy: timid, introverted, bashful, reserved

Kata-kata Sinonim T

– Talent: gift, ability, skill, talent
– Teach: instruct, educate, train, tutor
– Terrible: horrible, frightful, dreadful, terrifying
– Thorough: complete, comprehensive, extensive, thoroughgoing
– Tired: fatigued, exhausted, wearied, drained

Kata-kata Sinonim U

– Ultimate: final, last, end, ultimate
– Uncover: expose, reveal, unveil, bring to light
– Understand: comprehend, grasp, know, perceive
– Unique: original, distinctive, unusual, unparalleled
– Unusual: rare, uncommon, atypical, unexpected

Kata-kata Sinonim V

– Vacant: empty, unoccupied, deserted, unpopulated
– Verify: confirm, authenticate, validate, substantiate
– Victory: triumph, success, win, achievement
– View: gaze, look, see, observe

Kata-kata Sinonim W

– Wealth: riches, fortune, prosperity, affluence
– Wise: intelligent, wise, clever, sage
– Wonderful: amazing, marvelous, fantastic, incredible
– Worried: anxious, concerned, troubled, uneasy
– Wrong: incorrect, mistaken, improper, inaccurate


Itulah beberapa contoh kata-kata sinonim dalam bahasa Inggris beserta artinya. Penggunaan kata-kata ini akan membuat percakapan atau penulisan menjadi lebih variatif dan bahasa yang digunakan terdengar lebih kaya. Ingatlah bahwa sinonim mungkin memiliki arti yang hampir sama, tetapi penggunaannya perlu dipertimbangkan agar tidak mengubah makna dari kalimat tersebut.